The Blind Fiddler is a traditional village pub situated in the heart of East Hertfordshire.

We are open 7 days a week and serve food Wednesday, through to Sunday.

Opening Hours

Monday: 1pm – 8pm
Tuesday: 1pm – 11pm
Wednesday:  12pm – 11pm
Thursday:  12pm – 11pm
Friday:  12pm – 11pm
Saturday:  12pm – 11pm
Sunday:  12pm – 11pm


We serve a wide range of traditional pub food from Wednesday, through to Sunday!

Come and visit us for a traditional Sunday lunch, served alongside local ales, exquisite wine and deserts to die for!

To view a sample Sunday Roast menu, please click here

A Dog Friendly Pub

Meet Buddy, our resident Springer Spaniel!

We adore dogs here at the Blind Fiddler and the bar area is reserved for both humans and their companions.

Buddy is extremely friendly and loves meeting new people. Please feel free to stop by and make his acquaintance!


Here at the Fiddler, it’s not only the local Ales that have strange and wonderful tales attached to them…

Only a short walk up from our pub is a dwelling named “Cave Gate”. At Cave Gate was a disused chalk pit from which the Devil’s Hole led by a tunnel to Anstey Castle dungeons.

Anyone entering it would not emerge alive. In 1870 after drinking at the Chequers (Anstey) the blind fiddler, George,swore he would go the length of the tunnel.At Cave Gate,down the hole went George tugging his dog on a lead. The villagers followed the sound of his fiddle beneath their feet halfway to the castle when there was a shriek, the fiddling stopped. They ran back to the entrance to see the tailless singed dog dash out and vanish.George was not seen again.

Next day they filled in the hole.About 1880 an iron door was found under water set in the side of the castle moat.In 1904 part of the Cave Gate tunnel was explored.

Our Restaurant

We have two dining areas, here at the Fiddler.

You can choose to be seated in our private dining area or, if you would like to get to know the locals a little better (which is always advisable!), there are plenty of tables in the main bar area.

We have facilities for babies & children, including high chairs and boosters.

If you would like to book our private dining area for a function or perhaps a shoot dinner, please contact Barry or Emma and they will be happy to assist you!